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  • Mens 6-10 (Ladies 8-11) NOTE: Mens Size 10-14 available only in Black, See code 8002B
  • Black, Green, Navy, Purple, Pink, Red and Sky Blue
  • 92% Bamboo 8% Elastane


  • Let your feet breathe!
  • Comfort cuff
  • Anatomical ankle and arch design
  • MOISTURE WICKING: Superior absorption helps keep your feet dry & healthy and prevents blisters
  • THERMO-REGULATION: Assists the feet to stay warm or cool, whatever the conditions
  • ODOUR CONTROL: Bamboo has anti-bacterial properties, helping eliminate odour
  • ANTI-STATIC: Bamboo is a naturally anti-static fibre
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Natural fibre from the grass family, it uses minimal water and no harsh pesticides in its cultivation
This Product does not come in various options