Cut Resistant Workwear: Introducing Armadura Cut Protection


Protective cut resistant clothing has long been around to protect against cuts and industrial punctures – think gladiators, medieval knights, or even Japanese samurais.

With cut resistant workwear in mind, the design trends around cut resistance have been fairly stagnate with legacy Kevlar panels sewn into different workwear options providing some cut, abrasion, and heat resistant qualities – Enter Armadura Cut Resistant fabrics.

Our 35+ years’ Workwear experience in technical textiles with the latest materials and design innovations to now deliver a next-generation flexible, lightweight, and breathable protection option that truly performs.

WORKIT Armadura is different to anything currently on the market and has been developed over the past 18 months with strong end-user engagement and rigously tested across a broad spectrum of disciplines.  The technology is an Australian proprietary cut resistant fabric blend that provides the highest levels protection to the industrial markets where risks are unable to be engineered from the job scope.

Armadura‘s unique composition and outstanding performance makes it suitable for a wide variety of target applications:

Conveyor Systems Mining Shutdowns/Demolition
Manufacturing Steel / Aluminium Handling
Recycling/Waste Management Glass Production
Concrete Industry Military, Security & Law Enforcement

Armadura’s soft armour yarn composition was initially developed to use on cut resistant hand protection and was further defined to better suit use in apparel with end-users based in the Hunter Valley NSW and Pilbara WA regions, mainly in the belt-splicing conveyor systems and steel cutting markets.

Our Armadura range is quickly becoming common place in industries that have cut, slash or industrial puncture risks present.



Designed to be modular and integrated into our range of WORKIT Workwear garments that takes quality and durability to a completely different level.

2613 Hi-Vis Lightweight Work Shirts, Armadura panels integrated from the wrist to above the elbow
2613 Hi-Vis Lightweight Work Shirts 

Designed to feel like traditional Cotton Drill Work Shirts, the 2613 style has Armadura panels integrated from the wrist to above the elbow.  The addition of the slide elasticated cuff with thumb-hole and the Velcro closure helps keep the sleeve from riding up and securing a glove to help further protect hands and wrists.  

Diagram showing Armadura panels integrated from the wrist to above the elbow

1629T Cotton Drill Pants, Armadura panel, inseam to side seam on the front from waist to below the knee
1629T Cotton Drill Pants

A modern-fit Cargo style Pant, the 1629T is a hoop taped Work Pant with an Armadura panel, inseam to side seam on the front from waist to below the knee.  This will protect the knees, thighs and crotch to cut risks, even when bending or crouching down in confined work areas.

Diagram showing Armadura panel, inseam to side seam on the front from waist to below the knee

The Armadura protection layers are fully modular and have been integrated into our garments in areas that pose key line-of-fire cut risks to the body.  The panels can also be integrated and layered into any other WORKIT style we produce, accordingly to our end-user client requirements and protection required.

Green stitch lines denote the end of the protection panel and garments have been marked with the Armadura labelling to help HSE teams easily identify the garments when used onsite.



Traditionally, cut protection Workwear has been manufactured using generic Aramid fabrics, which are more designed for heat mitigation and abrasion resistance. Kevlar fabrics are limited in the Australian climate as they tend to be hot to wear, are typically heavier fabric weights and can cause skin irritations with extended use. Armadura is non-irritant and also has a light 100% cotton base layer that feels natural against the skin.

Cut Protection Standards?  At present, there are no cut resistant standards that exist in Australia that truly capture the tasks or risks associated with cuts, industrial punctures, and lacerations to the body.

Some other cut resistant workwear options utilise the applicable glove standards, namely the European EN388:2016 to help demonstrate performance of their fabrics.  WORKIT have opted not to go down this path as the ISO13997 protocol test associated with the EN388 standard for mechanical risks limits itself to hand protection, meaning any test carried out is neither ‘real world’ or classified against the garment.

We have however utilised the same testing platform TDM-100 unit to help demonstrate the cut resistance by a single strike force being applied to the fabric when integrated into a garment.  This equates to an average of 6125gm of weight applied to the fabric before cutting through to a 20mm cut length.  As a reference, if this test was performed on a glove using the same fabric, the classification would be Cut F.

WORKIT also conducts another test that was developed in conjunction with the belt-splicing industry called a Knife Point Strike Test.  This involves a sharp blade strike directly to the fabric at a 45o angle to replicate a real-world industrial puncture incident that could occur.  The key proprietary weave design of Armadura helps reduce injury by decelerating and reducing the pressure by ‘burying’ the blade in the 3D fabric knit to prevent further injuries occurring.  In several tests conducted, Armadura can withstand a 3650gm knife strike before cutting through and penetrating the fabric.  

Several references and testimonials from some of the most respected global industrial clients in our target sectors and are available upon request.  Reach out to take part in our end-user development program or to request a trial of the Armadura garments through one of our distribution partners.


Armadura is an ultra-high performance cut resistant fabric, however it is not completely cut proof.  

Our Shirt and Pants are designed to provide great overall protection, whilst being comfortable to wear.  

Armadura is designed to minimise the risk of injury from potential hazards in the industrial workspace (abrasions, cuts, tears and puncture), not as complete protection from cuts and lacerations. Use in conjunction with ProChoice hand and eye protective PPE to reduce further risks with your job scope.

Care and attention must always be taken when carrying out potentially hazardous activities and further Armadura panels can be integrated into different areas of the garments where cut risks exist (i.e. Arms, Lower Torso, Upper Leg areas) to provide additional protection.

It’s not designed for use in the food industry or around moving machines where there is a risk of entanglement.  It is also not to protect from hypodermic needles or similar sharp pointed objects.

The quality and performance of our Armadura range is simply unrivalled!