#1 WORKIT: Right from the start - Selecting the Bset Fabrics and Best Fitting. #2 WORKIT: Demands serious inspections - Internationally certified laboratories to work designs. #3 WORKIT: Certified - Certified and approved to meet the required Australian Standards.

To end with a great result, you need to start the job right.  First, we select the best fabrics. From there we design and build the garment.  Every detail and component is carefully selected to withstand the challenge.  From the fitting to the location of the pockets, we’ve thought about everything!

We use internationally-certified laboratories to work our designs even harder than you will. Only gear that is built — and proven — to be up to the conditions you work in goes into production. 

Workit garments are all certified and approved to meet the required Australian Standards.  They are then certified by us through our no-compromises quality assurance program. When we say Workit works with you, we mean we’ll never let you down.